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As strange as it sounds, I’ve found a white wall in the field behind my house. It’s like a perfect outdoor studio. Jacob bought me roses, I bought net from a market stall, and then searched the vintage shop for the perfect dress. I think I found it. Modelled by the beautiful Corinne..

Spring Cleaning


The TV room




balloonsresizeThe second in my ‘Through the window’ series. As soon as my sister brought these balloons home from work today I thought of Thursday. Not the day of the week or the name. But the artwork for The Weeknd’s mixtape ‘Thursday’, oh and the video to ‘The Zone’.

12 Sided



IMG_6000squareTook a picture of the beautiful Jazz in the studio at college today! ( ) Playing around with different backgrounds and lighting (settled for a beauty dish in the end)

Never grow

_DSC0243cropSpent the day making paper flowers and fixing them to Corinne’s face. I took this picture at about 5.30 so the sun was nearly down – at first i used a single flash head with an umbrella but i really didn’t like the effect it gave. In the end i turned off the flash and just adjusted my settings, pleased with the quality considering i didn’t use a tripod at 1/30th!





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