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28th June 2016

The past two weeks have gone by so quick and i haven’t had time to post! I went to Barcelona, turned 22,  met up with old friends and got some really bad news. It’s strange how life can be going so well, you can be on top of the world and then you can come tumbling down in an instant. It rained all weekend (which was hardly surprising) and the picture below summed up my mood.


Valley of the dolls



_DSC0599s _DSC0640 copy _DSC0670




_DSC0941g _DSC0972Experiments with a projector!



Just Add Water

squareMy original idea for this was going to be covered in the 2 litres of fake snow my Dad bought me, but as it turns out, this fake snow is cold and wet (as you’d expect) but also tends to go everywhere. Literally everywhere. It took me more time to clean up the carpet on the landing than to actually take the picture. At least i got to finally make use of the white body powder i had under my bed though!

Make sure you save a slice




Do you feel like you’ll come back around?