by lornakatyjoy

In April me, my brother and sisters took my Mum and Dad on a mini holiday to Cornwall. I’d never been there before and i didn’t know what to expect.

I definitely learnt a few things while i was there –

  1. There are beaches in Britain that are nice enough to surf at.
  2. Lands-end is pretty much just a sign (and lots of shops that sell fridge magnets)
  3. The roads around Cornwall are barely big enough for one car. So if you’re driving and a car comes from the other way, one of you will probably have to reverse down a hill.
  4. You can see the stars at night (there are lots).
  5. Cornish pastys are one of the best inventions ever.
  6. I never pack enough socks.

My favourite picture from Cornwall is a portrait I took of Corinne at Land’s End. It was a really windy day and there were two storms while we were there! (we took shelter in a cafe) I couldn’t get a picture without her hair blowing in her face, so in the end I embraced the windswept look and in Photoshop i actually ended up drawing more hair in.

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