Month: June, 2016


In April me, my brother and sisters took my Mum and Dad on a mini holiday to Cornwall. I’d never been there before and i didn’t know what to expect.

I definitely learnt a few things while i was there –

  1. There are beaches in Britain that are nice enough to surf at.
  2. Lands-end is pretty much just a sign (and lots of shops that sell fridge magnets)
  3. The roads around Cornwall are barely big enough for one car. So if you’re driving and a car comes from the other way, one of you will probably have to reverse down a hill.
  4. You can see the stars at night (there are lots).
  5. Cornish pastys are one of the best inventions ever.
  6. I never pack enough socks.

My favourite picture from Cornwall is a portrait I took of Corinne at Land’s End. It was a really windy day and there were two storms while we were there! (we took shelter in a cafe) I couldn’t get a picture without her hair blowing in her face, so in the end I embraced the windswept look and in Photoshop i actually ended up drawing more hair in.

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28th June 2016

The past two weeks have gone by so quick and i haven’t had time to post! I went to Barcelona, turned 22,  met up with old friends and got some really bad news. It’s strange how life can be going so well, you can be on top of the world and then you can come tumbling down in an instant. It rained all weekend (which was hardly surprising) and the picture below summed up my mood.


I’m Back…

My first blog post in a year! I’m surprised I remembered the password..

I don’t want my blog to become just another abandoned site that i remember when I’m 60 years old. I’ve decided I’m going to (really) try to post regularly and keep it updated.

Looking back through some of my old posts is definitely eye-opening to how much my photography has developed! I’ve moved on from adding a film-grain filter to every picture and shooting purely in JPEG(!).

I’m going to upload a few of my recent pics and slowly go through some older ones – I’m determined to stick at the blog now. Watch this space!

So I took the below image last week. I came to the exact same spot in Holme Wood last year and took some portraits (one of which was shortlisted in the ‘Young Gifted & Talented 2015 Exhibition’ in Peterborough!). I bought some organza from the market and combined it with a vintage crop top from my Granddad’s old house to make this lovely, long dress. The top is actually pink and I’ve used it in a few other shoots so i used a ‘color’ layer on Photoshop to give it a calmer, purple tone. It was getting darker as i took the pic and eventually i had to up the ISO (which i hate doing!) because there’s no way I could hold the camera at less than 1/30th and get a clear shot. Next time I won’t forget my tripod..