Month: March, 2015


Thanks to Jacob and Rosie for helping me last minute when I suddenly thought of an idea and wanted to shoot before the sun set! You guys are amazing. I probably took about 50 pictures before I was happy with the hair and face and then a further 20 of a smoke bomb which i decided not to use anyway (i was going to layer it over the top). A few tweaks to the hair and this picture needed hardly any editing at all!

IMG_1911 Untitled-1

More update…














Image update!


Rosie Boon, Deene Park snowdrop display, March 2015. Dress – Vintage, Sue Ryder Charity Shop.


Janine, Crown Lakes, February 2015. Dress – Vintage, Oxfam.


Janine, Hunstanton Beach, February 2015. Dress – Missguided.


Corinne, Thorpe Hall, February 2015. Dress – Vintage, Oxfam.


Self Portrait, Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, February 2015. Dress – Vintage, Sue Ryder.


Self Portrait, Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, February 2015. Dress – Vintage, Oxfam. 


Janine. Image lit with one portable 1000w halogen heater. February 2015.


Janine. Image lit with car headlights, February 2015. Dress and Cape – Vintage.


Corinne, Holme Wood, February 2015. Dress, Vintage, British Heart Foundation + Cape (bed sheet).


Janine, Crown Lakes, January 2015. Dress – Tiffany’s Prom Dresses.

March 2015

I haven’t posted on my blog for a long long time and I really don’t have much of an excuse, but i’ll try and summarise the past few months in this post. I’ve thought about starting a new blog completely, but this one has so many of my old images on it and it’s a reminder of how much my work has developed over time (although some of the images are truly questionable haha!).

My last post was June 2014, so nearly nine months have passed, and, as expected a LOT has changed. Firstly, I left college in July and we exhibited at the Free Range show at the Old Truman Brewery. The exhibition was a great success – i got to meet so many other young artists/ photographers and i was so happy with my final images. I won’t post all of the final images here but you can see them all on my website here.


4628 4622

Over the past few months i’ve also started a new job working at Create and Craft (Ideal Shopping Direct) as a Digital Imaging Assistant. I’ve learnt so much in a small space of time and found a whole new appreciation for home-made cards. I’ve also learnt how satisfying it is to have one of your pictures as the main banner on the website (below!).

Inline image 1

I have so, so many images i can share from the past few months, so be prepared for many blog posts to come!