Month: April, 2014


IMG_7430s_DSC0367hA new personal project I’ve decided to work on is taking square portraits of my family members- (Top: Janine, Second: Me, Third: Corinne), the goal being to create a giant collage showing our similarities and differences. It’s a mix of cameras and lighting, the first picture was taken on my D90 in natural window light on a sunny day, the second was taken on a Canon 5d Mark II in the studio using two soft boxes, and the third on my D90 on a cloudy day using a silver reflector. More to come…


_DSC0299 _DSC0292

As strange as it sounds, I’ve found a white wall in the field behind my house. It’s like a perfect outdoor studio. Jacob bought me roses, I bought net from a market stall, and then searched the vintage shop for the perfect dress. I think I found it. Modelled by the beautiful Corinne..

Spring Cleaning