Month: July, 2013

I’m not a fool, I’m just lifeless too

_DSC0119gI have so many pictures I’m really excited to post! I just need to finish editing them, keep watching..

Try to earn to my memory


I’ll wait for you, I’ll be beautiful for you

_DSC0136csFiguring it all out.. finally





Half Four

_DSC0302 _DSC0289kCouldn’t sleep. Went to a field to watch the sunrise with pyjamas, a bear and a tripod.

The Fall

_DSC0268kcrop2Today was my sister Emily’s 23rd birthday so i promised my Mum i wouldn’t go out taking pictures for too long. In total the process of thinking of this idea, deciding on props, and running to the location took about 15 minutes. I’m quite proud of that, i managed to take a picture AND get back in time for cake..

Let me keep my eyes closed

_DSC0219 _DSC0234_DSC0229 _DSC0230hHunstanton is so much prettier at 1am.

The Host


The ending of our credits