Month: June, 2013


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photo (2)After all the ¬†shooting, printing, and stressing, the exhibition opening night is finally over! I would have written about it earlier but i’ve spent the moment i got home from the exhibition yesterday, until now, in bed, ill, only getting up to eat. It was a great success though and i’d like to thank everyone who came and spoke to me about my work, complimented me and asked me how i did it! This project has probably been one of the most stressful things i’ve done, especially when the lighting went wrong and the doughnuts got eaten and i decided to pin ¬†my work instead of frame it and the pins decided to bend. But i wouldn’t change a thing..

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_DSC003e9fGluttony take two. This one involved 20% more doughnuts but 100% less pink hair..


My favourite room in the world.


Lights On



LornakatyjoyTurned my phone off and took a walk over all the fields behind my house today. It’s something i haven’t done in ages and it was so good to just walk and get away from everything for a while. I used to walk this way nearly every day after school when i was just getting in to photography and all i had was my Fuji Finepix z35 and disposable cameras from Boots. I like to think I’ve come a long way since the picture below (taken in the same field 3 years ago!)..DSCF2166


handpotHad to take a picture unrelated to the seven deadly sins before i went crazy! My Mum got a new greenhouse this week, i looked out the window and an idea popped in to my head straight away. In total it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to think of the concept, take the picture, edit it and put it on this blog – i wish everything was that straight forward!..



vanityAnother 7 years bad luck to add to the collection..


slothcolourBy far the easiest shoot so far…