S l e e p

by lornakatyjoy

_DSC0129_DSC0126_DSC0156_DSC0100_DSC0098_DSC0123Took some advice from one of my favourite wordpressers; roo365, and didn’t edit these photos! Usually i like to spend hours on Photoshop, so this is a bit strange for me.

My older sister Emily has just got a new bed, so, naturally, when i saw her old mattress lying in the hallway ready to be thrown out, i grabbed Janine, a lamp and a photo frame and headed out to a wheat field. Mattresses are heavier than they look. 

Also, i apologise for the pose in picture #2, i know it looks like the kind of pose you see in a bad primary school portrait but i like Janine’s face in it so i thought i’d post it anyway..