Month: February, 2013


LornakatyjoyHaven’t posted a self portrait in a while! I got home from college just in time for sunset (my absolute favourite time of day), went in my sister’s bedroom, put on a long black dress (standard Lorna costume) and this was the first picture i shot! It’s not often i like the first picture of the day, i just felt like there was something about this one..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

LornakatyjoyLornakatyjoyLornakatyjoyTried my hand at food photography today! My college assignment is to take pictures of food in the studio, but i figured i’d practice at home using natural lighting. Plus, it was an excuse to spend £20 on dessert..

_DSC002zxz7I’m quarter Chinese. So every year since i was young, my family has gone to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Peterborough (this year was no exception).

The best part, has, and will always be, the lion dance. There is no way a picture could ever do those few minutes justice; the crashing of the drums and gongs, the excitement  of the crowds and the bright swirls of the dragons tail as it dances violently around the room..




S l e e p

_DSC0129_DSC0126_DSC0156_DSC0100_DSC0098_DSC0123Took some advice from one of my favourite wordpressers; roo365, and didn’t edit these photos! Usually i like to spend hours on Photoshop, so this is a bit strange for me.

My older sister Emily has just got a new bed, so, naturally, when i saw her old mattress lying in the hallway ready to be thrown out, i grabbed Janine, a lamp and a photo frame and headed out to a wheat field. Mattresses are heavier than they look. 

Also, i apologise for the pose in picture #2, i know it looks like the kind of pose you see in a bad primary school portrait but i like Janine’s face in it so i thought i’d post it anyway..


20130214-030824 PM.jpg
No time to edit this because I need to do Valentines day things! But a quick preview of what I did today…

Tiffany’s? You mean the jewellery store?

Studio Session-135bwStudio Session-125bw
The first thing my Dad said when he saw this was ‘Audrey Hepburn’.


Studio Session-077 Studio Session-063 _MG_0088Studio Session-035_MG_0069_MG_0117_MG_0108_MG_0133Spent the whole day in the studio yesterday with my sister Janine and my tutor Bill. I’m not usually crazy about using the studio because i love going out and finding locations, but i had so much fun and learnt a million and one things about lighting. Used a ring flash for the first time to shoot some fashion! I love it because it’s so simple to use and it looks so distinctive. Can’t wait to shoot with it in the future – i’ve started listing ideas already! Also, thank you to Janine for posing for nearly 7 hours and managing to stay looking perfect even after we demolished a pizza. Now that’s a talent.


_DSC0074colourThe strawberries i bought for breakfast this morning turned into a photoshoot..



_DSC0019xs_DSC0048gx_DSC00383_DSC0027I’ve been so busy over the past week i haven’t even had time to sit down, let alone upload pictures to my blog! Sorry..

Today was my day off; from work, from college, from friends, from everything. I decided to grab my sisters and go out and shoot at Crown Lakes; which is like a 4-and-a-half minute walk from my house. I think the people in my village are slowly getting used to me walking past their houses wearing weird outfits and dragging a tripod. Today it was my sisters turn; Janine wearing a vintage dress and fur coat we picked up at a charity shop for £1 each, and Corinne wearing a dress i made out of a bra and some old material i cut up..