Month: January, 2013

Under Wraps


Absence of light

DSC_035dfd3Test shoot and quick edit of my idea for the D&AD Awards! Not going to tell you what my idea is until it’s finished, although i think you can pretty much guess from this picture. I couldn’t find a tripod so I reverted back to using a stepladder and a book to prop the camera up. For some reason i always seem to prefer my pictures when they’re taken on a makeshift tripod, i think it’s because it takes 3 times longer to get anything done..


DSC_0308colourI’ve only just regained feeling in my knees..


DSC_0226colourmovementDSC_0212colourDSC_0236colourDSC_0232colourDSC_0215colourI guess one of the advantages of being quarter Chinese is that the local Chinese restaurant let us borrow a dragon head. My Sister Emily is making her own version for work, so, naturally, I figured i’d make her put on the borrowed head and wave her arms in the smallest and darkest room i could find.





Safe to say my two younger sisters have probably contracted pneumonia..


“Are you crazy?”..

..The words my Mum said to me at 8am this morning when i ran past her in the snow wearing a tiny orange dress and dragging a tripod and a chair..DSC_0125DSC_0120

Younger, colder versions of myself.

DSC_0106colourDSC_0097colourDSC_0107colourDSC_0103colourDSC_0115handcolourThe first day of snow this year! Whilst most other young people (and old people) were throwing snowballs and making snowmen, i met my younger sisters straight from school and told them they were coming with me and to ‘put these dresses on’.