Month: November, 2012


I’ve been home for 2 hours after standing in a field all afternoon taking portraits – i still can’t feel my toes. Stay tuned because there are at least 50 million more..

Children in Need 2012

To raise money for Children in Need this year my college photography group decided to dress up (well, dress down) in our pyjamas for the day! We spent the day shooting images for a calendar we are making to raise money for a local charity (It’s nothing like calendar girls, don’t worry). I filmed and edited this quick video to show some of what we got up to.. (Credit to Kieran for filming me at 1.02 – check out the rollers!)


“In time they could not even fly after their hats. Want of practice, they called it; but what it really meant was that they no longer believed.”

I guess I developed on yesterday’s picture. This one comes with four arms..


20121106-015700 AM.jpg
I spent today sorting out my college folders and finishing off more written work. I just want to get it all out the way so I can get on with shooting! In terms of taking pictures, I didn’t do anything exciting today (aside from crawl on the floor and pout, so it would seem). This is just a quick shot I took whilst experimenting with hair again – I’ll post something more exciting tomorrow – I promise!


My internet has finally started working again – highlight of my week! I’ve been doing work for my still life college project today. I chose perfume as my category, so the first bottle I’ve done is Heat by Beyonce.

Burning nail polish remover in a cup set the fire alarm off 3 times.

It was worth it.

My set up! Natural light, my black jumper and a mirror positioned on a chair..

Welding Wednesday

20121101-081257 PM.jpg
Took a trip to my Dad’s workshop yesterday. He’s teaching my sister how to weld so I jumped at a photo opportunity! I’m pretty sure we broke about 700 health and safety guidelines but I’m so happy with the end result!
Below is me, Emily and my dad – complete with welding overalls and steel toe capped shoes (I guess we did think of health and safety after all..)

20121101-082307 PM.jpg