Month: October, 2012


20121028-101634 PM.jpg
I was working all day today so the only picture I took was this quick one while I was getting ready. I’ve been trying out different hairstyles and colours for an idea for a picture I have- today was blonde and up (exciting, I know)
My Internet is still down so I’m blogging off my phone again. It’s not until your Internet stops working that you realise how much you use it. sigh..



I strayed away from my hands theme for a moment..


Quickly edited this picture from earlier; I only went out for a few minutes today because it was raining and i needed to do research for my coursework. Used it as an excuse to whack out the teddy bear and tea set though!

Sorry for the short post, I have an idea for a shoot tomorrow that i’m really excited about though! It involves my sister Corinne, a gold dress and a lot of hair. If all goes to plan (fingers crossed), i’ll post it tomorrow..


Spontaneity and socks

I was tidying up my room today (my sock draw to be precise), and an idea for a picture popped in to my head. Spontaneous ideas are always my favourite, and even though this picture didn’t turn out as good as i wanted it to, i still like it.

I bought three dresses from a vintage shop today, one of which i’m wearing above! They’re all for some shoots i’ve got planned, so no doubt you’ll see them all in action soon enough..

I apologize for the inundation of posts today, i just feel like i’m back on track! I’ve done 3 shoots today and i loved every moment (even the point when a rogue umbrella almost hit me in the eye).

This is my other younger sister, Corinne. I made her get in the shower with her clothes on and then walk with me to a muddy field so i could take her picture. It’s Autumn and it’s England, so, needless to say, she must have been freezing. She didn’t complain once though, and for that i am eternally grateful.

More Hands

Decided to shoot my sister Janine today because I felt like a change and she’s been begging me for a while. It got dark really quickly so i ended up using a ridiculous ISO (i love grain so it’s not as if that mattered though). It actually went better than i thought it would, plus we made friends with a passing dog walker (success!)

Thursday Morning Levitation

Edited this while waiting for sunset to come so i can go out. I had about 5 near-death experiences involving a ladder and a lack of balance. I got there in the end though!


Hands are my favourite part of the body.

In fact, i think i have a bit of an obsession.

I’ve been looking at Flickr a lot recently and (like most teenage girls), i came across Lissy Elle’s photostream. Instant inspiration. ( I’m shooting tomorrow, expect hands, and lots of them.

Below are some pictures i’ve already taken (and probably posted before).

Ahh well, you can never have too many hands..


A new era.

This is where it begins again.

I haven’t blogged in a while, a LONG while.

But i’ve started my Photography Diploma now and this is going to be a daily (fingers crossed) account of what i’m doing.

Stay Tuned.