Month: May, 2012

Self portrait #seven million and three


DSC_0047wihtout wall

Fractions of the past week, summarised badly.

Tuesday – i went for a walk with Dec at Crown Lakes. That place gets beautiful as soon as it hits sunset.


I went for a walk by myself, i’ve been doing it a lot recently – i just love putting headphones in and going somewhere i’ve never been before. Some of the following aren’t edited because it’s late and i’m tired. Apologies.


I couldn’t think of a relevant title

Another self portrait. This one comes with fairy lights..

Wednesdays aren’t always bad

Did a photo shoot with my sister Corinne today! She said she’d do it in return for me teaching her how to use Photoshop. A fair deal, i would say. It makes me so proud that she wants to do photography too. Really like the way some of the images came out!

‘Hey Lorna did you get a haircut?!’


Self portraits #435976 and #435977 (Probably)

This is my Mum’s bed. I probably owe her a new one considering the amount of times i’ve abused it in the name of photography. She doesn’t mind though. (She doesn’t know i use it)

I really really really want a polaroid camera



I’ve been looking through the folders on my PC tonight and i’ve come to a conclusion. The best photos are the ones that never make it. The ones you keep buried away and hope no-one else sees. The ones where the wind blows your hair in your face just as you press the shutter. The ones where you didn’t realise someone was taking a picture until it was too late. The ones where you set the self timer but didn’t sort out your pose quick enough and ended up with one hand in the air and the other pulling up your top. The ones where a dog got in the way. The ones you accidently took of your feet as you walked along the road. Those ones…