Month: April, 2012


Sometimes my own face scares me. Taken at the house my Mum grew up in. I wish the window didn’t look so modern.

Self Portrait Number 20 million and four.

The radio was sticky and didn’t work, most of the black stuff on the floor is mouse poo and i ripped my tights on a bit of metal sticking out of the wall. But apart from that, taking this picture was a breeze.


An outtake from my Rapunzel shoot. You know those days when you find yourself standing on top of a wardrobe, putting a camera on self timer and taking a picture that cuts your face off? Yeah it was one of those days.

My face again.

Just found a heap of black and white photos i took a while back. I decided to spend my Tuesday night exploring the exciting world of altering exposure!


Visited Cromer today. Did this quick edit for my sister’s facebook cover photo. Not the most inspiring picture ever, but her 10 year old friends were impressed – success!

Standing in the bath again.

Taken in the house my Mum grew up in. I always get a feeling of nostalgia when i go here, even though i can count the times i’ve visited the house on one hand. Strange.


Feeling the teen angst



I’ve chosen a fairytale project for my A level. Cliched, i know, but i’m a teenage girl – what else am i supposed to be interested in? Beginning with my Rapunzel idea, i have an idea in my head of a perfect location, the only problem is it doesn’t exist…

I made do with my Mum’s bedroom. It’s not ideal, but i love the old wallpaper (I refuse to let my parents redecorate). I chose to sit on my sister’s wardrobe as it’s the only piece of vintage-looking furniture i could find. This picture involved about 45 minutes of hopping on and off the wardrobe to press the shutter (Remind me to invest in a remote). For a spontaneous shoot i think it went pretty well..

Cindy Sherman’s Film Stills are some of my favourite photos ever. I’m writing an essay about her, but instead of writing i tend to spend ages looking at picture after picture. I love her facial expressions, the raw glamour and the way she could easily pass for a different movie star in every image. These are a few of my favourites..


I did some Sherman inspired self portraits last year. I loved it so much i broke my camera (I tied it to the top of a door and it fell off).